You Can't Always Get What You Want - Feature (2022)

  • 1h 58m

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In the cosmopolitan city “megalopolis”, Niko Rothko, a non fungible token (NFT) digital artist, gambles all of his, and his family’s, money in the Bitcoin rise and after months of seeing the money multiply, he loses it all when the bitcoin bubble crashes. Unable to secure a steady job and entangled in new friendships, his mom urges him to sees the family psychiatrist. He discovers that he was sexually abused as a child. He confronts his deepest fears to overcome his trauma only to discover that his quest was entirely planed by a superior intelligence (one of his loved ones) as a gift for personal growth. Megalopolis is a simulation and he is just a “Glitch” in it. Whose screen device was he trapped in?

Country: Canada and Virtual Reality

Language: English

Genre: Romance, Adventure, Drama, Crime, Lifestyle, Science Fiction, LGBTQ


  • Toronto Monthly Film Awards: Best Actor

  • Toronto Monthly Film Awards: Best Feature

  • Toronto Monthly Film Awards: Best Director

  • Berlin Indie Film Festival 2021 Honorable Mention

  • London International Monthly Film Festival Special Mention

  • Roma Movie Awards Best Picture 2021

  • Cannes Independent Film Festival Best feature film ( Audience Award)

  • Cannes International Cinema Festival Award Winner Best Producer Mate Zuniga & Eduardo Arroyuelo

  • Eastern European Movie Awards Best Feature Honorable Mention


Mate Zuniga


Alex Diazayas


Ed Woolrich



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