Rishi Ki Dunia (Rishi's World) - Feature (2021)

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Rishi, an aspiring film director, with dreams of making it big in mainstream cinema, meets a producer of erotic films. They forge an unlikely partnership. Rishi is worried that his foray would earn him a poor reputation which would affect his future as a mainstream film director. But, considering his present financial difficulties, he takes up the assignment. After completing the film to the satisfaction of his producer, Rishi gets caught up in an identity crisis of his own. He goes into depression. His psyche is divided between guilt at having compromised on his values and his ambition to make a name for himself in the world of mainstream cinema. When the former overpowers the latter, his close friends see the red flags. Does it all work out for Rishi and his world?

Country: India

Language: Indian-Hindi with English subtitles

Genre: Dark Comedy , Indie Film, Black & White Film


  • Global Monthly Online Film Competition - June2021

  • Bollywood INDIES Film Festival 2021


  • Museum Talkies International Film Festival - 2021

  • Vesuvius International Film Fest - JULY2021

  • Lift-Off Sessions July 2021

  • GBFF Virtual Experience - 2021

  • Lonely Wolf London International Film Festival - 2021


  • T.I.F.A. - Tiete International Film Awards - 2021

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